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Demo - Short Grass Heritage Pit Site Details

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General Project Info

Demo comments - The Heritage Pit area has been set up with only the 'Environmental Stewardship' section active.  The Woodland Pit in the next section has been set up with a more comprehensive set of information.  You can begin with a subset of information, and grow the web site over time.  The web site is complete maintainable by your personnel without involving technical personnel.

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Licence Holder: Greycoat Aggregates

Site Name: Demo - Short Grass Heritage Pit

Company Phone Number: 519-746-6666
Company email:
Site Address:

1 Demo Street

Mailing Address:


Primary ALPS ID: Heritage Pit
Operation Status: Closed
Operation Type Pit


Gravel, Armour Stone, Asphalt, Topsoil, Concrete, Mulch, Stone, Sand


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Map Layers:
First Nations Reserves (Points)
Ontario EcoZones
Ground Water Monitoring Network Well
Ontario Greenbelt

Project / Site Details

Demo Details - This unique deposit of gravel is being extracted to supply the demands of the booming Waterloo Region.

Our rehabilitation plan is to turn the pit into a world-class golf course and winery at the end of the pit life, in approximately 10 years.

Site Licences/Permits

Type ALPS ID Tonnage (TE) Licenced Area (ha) Date Issued Renewal Date
Aggregate Permit 99999999 1000000 5 2018-01-10 2028-01-10

Impacted Indigenous Communities

Name of Community Address (Location)
One of 439 Listed Bands General Delivery, Kitchener