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Site Off Gravel Drive adjacent to Warren
Company: Paul Turcotte Excavating, ALPS ID: 281, Licenced Area: 16.18ha, Operation Type: Pit, Tonnage: 50000
Company Paul Turcotte Excavating
Site Ernestown Quarry
Company: 9205187 Canada Ltd., ALPS ID: 2460, Licenced Area: 47.4ha, Operation Type: Both, Tonnage: (unlimited)
Site Renaud property
Company: Richard Renaud and Patricia Warner-Renaud, ALPS ID: 2410, Licenced Area: 32.8ha, Operation Type: Quarry, Tonnage: 20000
Site 1513
Company: Colin R. Watson, ALPS ID: 1513, Licenced Area: 61.1ha, Operation Type: Pit, Tonnage: 20000
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