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Environmental Stewardship

Species at Risk

Greycoat has entered into an agreement with the MNR to protect barn swallows. See pictures below.

Water and Hydrology

Extraction activities occur above the average water table and recorded high water table figures.  Water table levels continue to be monitored to ensure that extraction will occur above water table levels.

Land Use Compatibility

The area is agricultural but zoned for gravel extraction as a permitted use.  The surface soil is not prime tillable land and has been used for pasture in the past.

Natural Heritage

As part of the initial site excavation an area was found and set aside for archeological excavation of interest in First Nations historical research.  This area will remain protected from extractive activities until 2018 when the archeological excavation is slated for completion, and all artifacts will have been catalogued and removed.



One of the many swallow houses in and around Woodland Pit
One of the many swallow houses in and around Woodland Pit

One of eight birdhouses installed in 2012.


Document Name: HydrologicalStudy_WInstanley_2017
Our final hydrological study.
by Winstanley Solutions, (Industry) published 2017-01-09