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Glencore Canada Corporation

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Company Overview

Number of Sites Owned: 13 - click for site listing


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Glencore Canada Corporation Aggregate Sites

Number of Sites: 13

Site Name Site ID (ex. ALPS) Site Status Licence Type Operation Type Licenced Area (ha) Annual Tonnage
View Site Details Fault Lake Pit 3830 Class A Licence Operating Pit 453.9 907000
View Site Details 3831 3831 Class A Licence Operating Pit 14.81 90700
View Site Details Pike Lake Pit 3893 Class B Licence Operating Pit 125 20000
View Site Details Gravel Lake Pit 3894 Class A Licence Operating Pit 200 (unlimited)
View Site Details Pipeline Road Clay Pit 17735 Class A Licence Operating Pit 96.4 125000
View Site Details MAN-041 20201 Aggregate Permit Operating Pit 1.5 100000
View Site Details 20669 20669 Aggregate Permit Operating Pit 55 550000
View Site Details 20670 20670 Aggregate Permit Operating Pit 8 300000
View Site Details 86635 86635 Class A Licence Operating Pit 56.4 40000
View Site Details Nickel Rim 86998 Class A Licence Operating Pit 167 (unlimited)
View Site Details Fault Lake Pit Expansion 604662 Class A Licence Operating Pit 32 999999
View Site Details Montcalm Mine Pit #2 (Massey Twp) 624817 Aggregate Permit Operating Pit 11.02 (unlimited)
View Site Details Montcalm Pit No. 1 624917 Aggregate Permit Operating Pit 8.96 (unlimited)