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Open Aggregates Overview

Open Aggregates provides the public with a portal for specific information about pit and quarry operations that produce stone, sand and gravel for the landscape and construction market in Ontario, Canada.  Members of the aggregate industry in Canada have specific programs in place to manage pit and quarry land rehabilitation, to ensure their industrial practices are sustainable, to protect endangered species and the environment in general, to minimize noise and dust impacts, to keep employees and suppliers safe, to engage and educate our neighbours in the community, and to respect the treaty rights of our indigenous peoples. Open Aggregates will be updated in an ongoing basis to provide more specific information on the programs in place at a pit or quarry near you.

To navigate the map, either zoom the map using the mouse or by clicking on the bubbles representing 2 or more pits or quarries.  Clicking on a 'purple pick and axe' icon will present detailed information on a given company and their site operations. You can also use the 'Company Listing' feature to navigate to a given company's site information. Basically though, just click and explore the features of this site.

Search for "Greycoat Aggregates" to see a more complete demonstration site.

There are 2826 aggregate companies listed in the Open Aggregates database, with a total of 6231 aggregate sites included.


*Legal Disclaimer of Liability (click for more)*
1) Greycoat Software assumes no legal liability for the use of the data found within the Open Aggregates network. Information obtained here should not be used for legal or jurisdictional purposes. 2) Data on this site has been compiled through proprietary and open data including that from Land Inventory Ontario (Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence Ontario -, and Natural Resources and Forestry (Pits and Quarries Online)

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